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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mixed Feelings on My Facial Detox - And Some Random Happiness

So, I've officially not worn make-up for a whole week (in case you missed you, you can find my original post about facial detoxing here).  At first, it was very difficult.  But now, I may reconsider wearing make-up to work everyday.  Seriously, getting ready in the morning is SO much easier if you don't wear make-up.  Maybe I'll only wear it on special occasions - like for important meetings or something.

But anyway, before I show you the before/after pictures I have to admit that they don't look like there has been as much of a difference as I see in real life.  The biggest reason for that is because whereas the flash didn't go off during the "before" pictures, it did during the "after" so my coloring is completely different.

Also, my period started the day after I started my detox.  I don't know about you, but my face explodes when Aunt Flo comes to visit, so it is in much better condition than I would normal expect given the time of the month.

And third, but this is completely my fault, not wearing make-up just made me want to pick at my skin even more (no idea why) which is bad.  You'll see I have a lovely little blemish on my chin that I didn't have a week ago and I'm willing to bet money that if I hadn't constantly been picking at it, it wouldn't be there anymore.

But, without further adieu...

I also have a feeling 1 week isn't long enough of a detox.  Skin almost always gets worse before it gets better, and I think 2 weeks would have much better results.  But, my 2 week detox will have to come another time because there's no way in hell I'm not wearing make-up at my bridal shower...which is in 2 freaking days!!!!!

And now, as promised, some random happiness...

1)  I am taking a day off from work tomorrow!  Woohoo!  Because I'm flying up to Massachusetts today after work for my bridal shower on Saturday!

2)  I'm wearing a really adorable outfit.  The top I got at Kohl's for a steal because Kohl's is never not in the middle of a huge sale!  And the necklace I'm wearing I actually got off ebay in a huge lot of vintage costume jewelry that I had bid on/purchased because of some brooches that I wanted.  The necklace was just a total bonus!

3)  There were no planned parenthood protesters picketing this morning.  Any day that doesn't start with a massive picture of a dead fetus is a good day in my book!

4)  My dog's are flipping adorable:
Seriously...is that not the cutest picture ever???

5)  Cricutmachine.com is having a MASSIVE sale - and I look forward to wasting a good portion of my day browsing cartridges to buy since days where you're going to be traveling after work are the longest work days ever.
6)  I have re-discovered my love for the band Kings of Leon.  The entire "Come Around Sundown" album is flipping amazing but I really like the sound of "The Face"...
7)  I made some pretty sweet cards for my Dad (for Father's Day) and my sister (for her birthday) that I'll get to give to them in person this weekend!

8)  Did I mention I don't have to work tomorrow!?!?!

So, needless to say, although my facial detox wasn't as successful as I would have liked it to be, I have a lot to be happy about!  I'll be MUCH happier once I'm on my way to Boston though - the weather isn't looking to great for flying this evening!

What do you have to be happy about this totally random Thursday morning?


  1. The texture of your skin looks happy! I think you're right about the "gets worse before it gets better" and the 2 weeks. Totally wear makeup for your shower and try minimal makeup maybe after that for a bit.

  2. I think you look great after your detox! I'm sure it will continue to get even better...also I love those cards you made your dad, how sweet!

  3. It will get worse before it gets better. I stopped wearing makeup and it took my skin about a month of going through withdrawls and revenge before it looked better. Have fun Saturday!!!!