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Friday, June 24, 2011

This is BETTER Than a Fitness Recap...

Soooo, I didn't work out at all this week again.  ::bad bride-to-be, bad::

I swear, I am 100% back on the wagon tomorrow.  Someone please give me an e-kick-in-the-butt and make me work out!  The hardest part is just getting it back into your routine.  Mleh.

But, I have an even better post for you!  And it's about boutonnieres!  You may remember from this post about how excited I was about how my first attempt at a Pearl and Brooch Bout went, well after days of scouring Ebay's Vintage Costume Jewelry Section I think I finally have all my brooches (actually, I think I have too many, lol).

So, I need 1 for Bryan (obviously), his Best man and three groomsmen, Man-of-Honor Sam, each of our Dads, and Ring Bearer-Spencer (so 9 in all).  First, I'll remind you what my completed one looks like, which may end up being Spencer's since it's the littlest brooch:

$.99 + $4.95 shipping (I was pissed about the shipping cost
on this one)
 And then here's a picture of all of them together (they're all completely different):

I'll save the important ones (aka Bryan's and Sam's) for last, but here are the rest in order of how much I like them:
$1.99 + $3.99 shipping

This came in a lot that was $4.25 + $2.71 shipping
There were 9 brooches in all, I'm keeping 5 and plan on
reselling the other 4

$.99 + $3.50 shipping (and it came with clip on earrings that
I plan on re-selling)

This came as part of a lot of pretty freaking
awesome brooches (I'm actually wearing one
of them on my blazer today) but the whole
lot cost $8.27 + $4.95 shipping and I'm going
to keep some of them and plan to re-sell the rest

$1.25 + $2.95 Shipping

$.99 + $2.49 shipping

$4.99 and free shipping

I would really like the first one (the one with the rhinestones going down the stem) to be Bryan's Best Man's, but if he prefers a different one I'll have no problem letting him choose.

Now, for Bryan's...and he actually said he wanted this one before I told him I wanted him to have this one (because it's more special than the rest):
$1.99 + $3.10 for shipping

Seriously, the picture doesn't do it justice at all.  And because of the way it sort of folds in, I think it will look amazing once I add the pearls.  Such a great find on Ebay!

And now, for MOH Sam's - obviously his has to be spectacular.  And seriously, it has to be completely different than the rest of the guys' because he's my freaking MOH!  Meaning a) he's like the third most important person there (after Bryan and I) and b) he's technically on my side, so he shouldn't blend in with the Groomsmen.  Alright, enough talk:
I'm slightly obsessed with it.  I don't like the flower thingy in the middle, but that will be covered by the pearls anyway.  But I really just couldn't believe I found a leaf brooch that had purple rhinestones on it!  This is the only one that isn't actually vintage.  It's from China.  And it's made to look like it's vintage.  Whatever - I'm not picky - it's freaking perfect and only cost $5 (with free shipping).

So in all, I spent just under $60 on brooches - but that's including the ones that came in lots that I plan on re-selling other pieces from.  And, since I don't think any of Bryan's friends will want to hold onto their bout after the wedding, I might ask them to return them to me so I can remove the pearls (I only used wire to attach them, no adhesive) and re-sell those suckers too.  Heck, for all I know, I could make money off of these! lol

Anyway, I'm super excited about them, and I want to start working on them but I'm not allowed - I have to work on my invitations!!!  I didn't even start them last weekend (::bad DIY Bride, bad::) so technically I'm behind.  I have all the layouts ready to print, I even have the layouts created on my gypsy to cut everything, I just need to actually print them, and actually cut them, and assemble them.  Please, dear Buddha, don't let anything happen to my cricut while I'm in the middle of this project, because seriously - I would die.

Have you had any luck on ebay for wedding related stuff? (Because seriously, Ebay has rocked my world - crystals for my shoes, pearls for my bouquet, brooches for the bouts...)


  1. These are gorgeous! What a great idea!

  2. wow! You are on FIRE! So much stuff you're working on and it's all so fantastic!

  3. those looks awesome.. u should think about selling them??

  4. I love them! Also, I came across this today and immediately thought of you: http://diy.weddingbee.com/topic/pearl-bouquetboutonniere

    Definitely a woman after your own heart!