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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!

::Womp woooomp::

This week wasn't the best week, I only worked out twice.  I blame the holiday on Monday for completely messing with my normal schedule, lol (it is so easy to come up with excuses)!

On Tuesday I did HIIT 20, and was supposed to do a resistance workout as well, but I didn't.

And last night I almost didn't workout at all, then I realized how ashamed of myself I would be if I came to post today and had only worked out once so I did HIIT15.  Again, I was supposed to do a resistance workout after that, but I just did not have the motivation.

Since I royally sucked, I'm re-doing the first week of the third month (I decided that last night so technically I've already started to re-do it).

I'm ashamed of this recap.

But, on a happier note, my ankles are becoming way stronger!  I've always had strong ankles (hello - I was a dancer for a decade and a half) but they're getting back to the way they were when I was actually still dancing.  And no, you can't see that they're getting stronger (I don't have muscle-cankles or anything) but I can feel it.  See, sometimes when I'm on the T on my way to work, I try to see how long I can stand on my toes.  Lately I've been able to hold my relev√© for the whole ride (it's only like 5 minutes, but it twists and turns a lot).  I may look like a weirdo in a suit doing ballet on the T, but I find it fun so I don't care!

Not quite this bad, lol.  Source

That's all I've got for you fitness-wise...can I just say thank goodness it is Friday!?!?!  I feel like "short" work weeks always end up feeling the longest...


  1. I have been bad about working out lately too. You are right the short weeks always go by so slow. Happy Friday!

  2. I tried Insanity yesterday.. it's those 60 days work out dvd.. it's veryyyy intense.. but i heard it works well hahaha so we'll see