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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!!!

Woohoo...I actually have something to recap!

Saturday I did the TurboFire workout "Fire 55 EZ" 

Sunday I did Fire 30, Stretch 10

Monday I did Core 20, Stretch 40

And Wednesday I did Fire 45 Stretch 10.

Tonight I'm hoping to get myself to workout, and considering the workout that is next up in Turbofire is HIIT 20 with Stretch 10 I really shouldn't be able to come up with an excuse not to, I mean, it's only 30 minutes!

I really like this workouts.  They're upbeat and actually fun.  And they are not kidding when they say they make you sweat!  A "Fire" workout is basically a "longer" workout that has sporadic "fire drills" that are 1 minute long and you're supposed to go full force for that minute.  Usually there are 3 fire drills in the course of a workout (or at least that's what I've noticed so far).  A "High Intensity Interval Training" workout (or HIIT workout) you basically warmup, then do a minute of hardcore, a minute recovery, minute hardcore, minute recovery, and so on....  These are shorter, but man do they get your blood pumping!  And that 40 minute stretch workout I thought would be relaxing...no...I was even sweating during that!  It was Yoga, and she is encouraging you to push further.  Essentially that workout isn't for maintaining flexibility, it's for increasing flexibility.  But I still felt great at the end of it!  I'm definitely happy I took the plunge and got this workout system!

How was your week fitness wise?


  1. I need to do more after reading your list ha ha.
    I've been running twice this week, which i'm pleased with. I want to use my fitball to do some sit-ups and tone up my stomach but I think it's got a little puncture somewhere.

  2. Wow, I am tired just from reading your post! Yhew.... I need a breather after that. Where's my Snickers?? But seriously...Good for you! My week "fitness wise" I'd say was good...? Did an awesome couples portrait session on Saturday and that always burns the calories. Especially when you drag them a mile or so onto a golf course. ;)