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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!

And you all should be so freaking proud of me...I WORKED OUT EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!  Guess who's got her exercising mojo back...yeah, that would be me!  It was mainly Turbo Fire, but I'll still recap it for you!

Saturday - 10 Minute Solutions: Pilates Perfect Body - I just did the 1 segment of stretching.  According to my Turbo Fire "schedule" it was a rest day, but I was sore, so I wanted to stretch.  And for the record, our yard was really muddy, so instead of just letting to dogs out to get gross we were walking them to "do their business."  And lucky for me, my beloved Gabby won't go number-two until she's ran around in circles for a while so I had to sprint up a hefty hill in order to get her to go.  In case you were wondering what I meant by "hefty hill" here is the EXACT hill we sprinted up:
From the top of the hill - photo from google maps

From the bottom of the hill - photo from google maps
Sunday - Turbo Fire 'HIIT 15, Sculpt 30' - let me tell you, doing a Chalene sculpting class directly after a High Intensity Interval Training class is effing exhausting.

Monday - Turbo Fire 'Fire 55' - I liked this one, not my favorite, but I still really enjoy it.

Tuesday - The Turbo Fire schedule said to do Core 20 and Stretch 40, but I really didn't like the Stretch 40 class last time I did it (I got really bored), so instead I did Turbo Fire Core 20 and then 2 segments of 10 Minute Solutions: Pilates Perfect Body (the "perfect silhouette" segment and the "stretch" segment).  In case you hadn't noticed by now, I love this Pilates DVD.  If you're looking to invest in one, I 110% recommend this one!

Wednesday - Turbo Fire 'Fire 45, Stretch 10' - I think this is my favorite "Fire" workout (I haven't decided what my favorite HIIT workout is yet).

Thursday - Turbo Fire 'Fire 45 EZ' - don't let the name fool you, it isn't easy.  Those two letters just mean there aren't as many "fire drills" (or minute long segments where you have to kill yourself and then get to recover for a minute) but the workout itself is still really intense.  I was supposed to do the 'Stretch 10' afterwards but chose not to.  I think my biggest complaint with Turbo Fire is that it wants you to do the exact same stretch routine almost every day, and I'm just too ADD for that.  I did do some extra stretching on my own though, because let's be serious, you don't need a fitness instructor to stretch out after a workout!

And tonight I full plan on working out again.  It's a HIIT workout, I forget which one though.  I'm on a workout roll, and I don't want to mess that up.  Plus, the HIIT workouts are much shorter, so it's actually a great workout to do on a Friday!

How was your week workout wise?

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  1. Way to go! I think this has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life, so working out -- non-existent.