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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

9 months down...5 to go.  Lordy, I can't believe it is April already!!!  But, this month isn't looking too crazy:

I only have 2 doctor's appointments, and one is just getting my second dose of Gardisil (that's at noon on the 14th), and the other is a regular old therapy session (6 on the 6th).

This weekend we have to set up our second registry (we already did Macy's) at Pottery Barn.  Hopefully they will actually have some dinnerware that we like, because Macy's was kind of a bust for that!  And Sunday I plan on DIYing our aisle runner!

Then on the 17th I'm going to make our table numbers, although I have 100% decided on how I'm going to accomplish the look I'm going for, I've got plenty of time to do that!  And since I don't have work on Good Friday, I'm going to figure out some of the projects that I've decided to do that aren't on my timeline (toasting flutes, cookie trays, A and B to hang on our chairs, etc.)  I might not actually create them, but I want to at least decide exactly what I'm doing for them and figure out when I'm going to create them.

Oh, and next Tuesday I'm meeting with a wholesale florist.  Technically, they don't distribute to the public, only to other businesses.  But I wasn't technically lying when I said I'm starting a small event planning company, and I do plan on calling it Glenn Events, and I might want to do floral arrangements for my clients in the future, and this September really is the first big event that I'm planning (aka MY wedding)...so I don't feel bad.  Maybe we will develop a wonderful working relationship.  Maybe I'll discover I'm meant to be a florist!  Who knows.  All I know is I'm much more comfortable ordering flowers from a place down the street than I am ordering them online, that's all I'm sayin'.

You may notice that I'm not going to my even planner class anymore, and that is because it was just plain old stupid.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it fell seriously short.  And my time could definitely be better spent doing something else on Tuesday evenings, like working on orders for my Etsy shop!

What do you have on your plate for April?

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  1. My April is looking pretty busy. I'm pretty sure I have something schedule every single weekend, which is unusual for me. I'm not quite sure how it all happened, but I'm sure I'll get through it all!