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I'm a 23 year old Business Systems Analyst planning a DIY-heavy wedding to the love of my life on 9 . 10 . 11. Other then wedding planning, I spend most of my time trying to stay in shape or playing with my 3 dogs...Gabby, Dudley, and Tyson. I hate cleaning and almost never go a day without wearing something purple, and I hope you can keep up with my ADD blogging style!

Monday, April 4, 2011


The past few months have been a hell of a weather rollercoaster here in Pittsburgh, but today it's actually warm out!!!
Stolen from weather.com
And in honor of this delightful weather, I'm wearing a new dress that I got from NY&Co (for 50% off) this weekend.  Don't I look adorable, lol:
Soooo spring-y and comfortable!  Fun story...so I was shopping with Bryan this weekend when I got the dress.  And since I have to wear nylons to work (boo - I think human resources exists just to make me miserable) I realized I would probably need a slip or else the dress would cling to the nylons and ride up.  Well, I said to Bryan, "I need to go to Macy's to get a slip" and his response was...are you ready for a giggle..."Is that like a unitard?"  I almost died laughing.  And then I had quite some fun explaining to him the purpose of different under-garments while in Macy's.

Anyway, happy Monday!  I hope you all are enjoying warm weather like we are here in Pittsburgh (even though there are supposed to be thunderstorms later and it won't be nearly this warm tomorrow, I will enjoy it while it lasts!)!


  1. Lol... "Is that like a unitard?" That is classic. OH yeah, I giggled. :) I have a Brian too... But mine is with an "i" and I could totally see him saying that to me.... Ahhh boys.

    Glad you are having nice weather!! I won't tell you mine as I live in Arizona. lol All of my out of state friends tell me I am NOT ALLOWED to bring up weather with their miserable forcasts. :)

  2. Haha that's great! You're dress is super cute, and I'm so glad you're getting warmer weather. Yesterday morning we were out in t-shirts, and yesterday evening it snowed. Booo.

  3. HI Manda,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog this week! am so u ddi! Now I'm following your sweet blog.
    I love the dress..did you pick one up in a size 10 for me? heehee!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew

  4. Seriously, if you find GOOD pantyhose (Pretty Polly, Aristoc) in the right sizes, they are an absolute pleasure to wear!