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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PSA for all Cricut Enthusiasts!

Cricutmachine.com (aka my favorite website) is having a Mother's Day Sale!  Not only are all cartridges $29.95 or less (excluding the Imagine Carts) if you spend at least $29.95 you get a free tool kit!  Even if you already have a tool kit, it's never a bad thing to have extras of!  I just ordered the Home Decor Cart, the Wrap It Up Cart, and a Tote for my cartridges that matches my Cricut Machine tote, all for under $100, plus I'll get a tool kit.  You really can't beat it!
Go to CricutMachine.com Now!

**Just as a disclaimer, I don't work for CricutMachine.com or anything, I've just found that they have the best prices on cartridges (not on cutting mats, if you need cutting mats go to overstock.com) and I like the spread the word when they have good deals!  I don't get anything if you go and buy stuff, you'll just be missing out if you choose not to, hahaha.


  1. YAY! This is exciting news - with a birthday right around the corner, I might have to treat myself. I'm kind of a Cricut newbie; I only have 3 cartridges (Wild Card, George, and one I can't remember...) Any recommendations?

  2. Ashley - I LOVE wild card (I just used it to make Mother's Day cards - but more on that on Sunday). If you're planning your wedding right now, Tie the Knot is a great choice. Plus there are flourishes and stuff that you'll be able to use long past the day you say I do. Or, my absolute FAVORITE cartridge is actually Create a Critter. It is great for making fun cards, and that cartridge really helped me better understand the different layering functions of the Cricut! Happy shopping and let me know what you decide on!