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Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Pearl Bouquet Progress!

So, you may remember from this post (when I said I had fallen in love with the idea of a pearl bouquet) and this post (when I started working on it) that I've decided against a traditional bridal bouquet, and instead I'll be carrying (and DIYing) a pearl bouquet!

I finally got all my beads last night.  I scoured ebay for pearls and crystals ranging from 6mm to 10mm in cream, dark purple, light purple, and red looking for the best deals.  Most of the best deals were from sellers in China...awesome prices, but they took a while to get here.  Well, I officially received my last package yesterday and that motivated me to work a little bit more on it...

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In case you couldn't recall, this is how much I had done before yesterday:
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So, yeah, I didn't make that much progress....I don't mind twisting the beads onto the wire; it is really mindless and easy to do while laying on the couch watching TV.  But after a while the hand that I grip the bead with (my left hand) starts to hurt.  More specifically, my thumb feels like it is getting bruised and my pointer finger feels like it is getting raw.  I'm considering getting some sort of gardening gloves to wear while I work on this...what do you think? 

But yeah, that's really all for now.  I'm planning on working on some Tissue Paper Pomanders this weekend, and hopefully a little more on my shoes (that is one crap-tastic project, let me tell you) or if I procrastinate on my shoes I'll probably do some more on the pearl bouquet!

Do you have any wedding planning plans for this weekend?

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