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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!

So, the beginning of this week started out a little shaky and completely messed up my Turbo Fire schedule.  I didn't work out at all Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and I was getting sick of having to jumble around the "official" schedule because seriously, who wants their rest day to be on a Tuesday?  That's just stupid.  So, I kind of did my own shortened version for this week, and I plan on working out tonight, and then tomorrow I will have my rest day that should have technically been on the Tuesday of the last week of the second month (did you follow that at all, lol?) and I'll go from there.  But anyways, here's what I did do...

Tuesday - Fire 55...nothing new or special to report on that.

Wednesday - Fire 30 (I'm getting kind of sick of Fire 30, not gonna lie) and 20 minutes of Sculpt 30 - I just got too exhausted to finish (it's been a rough week at work).

Thursday - This is where I really mixed it up; I did Fire 45 EZ and Stretch 10.  Fire 45 EZ isn't actually on the schedule at all for this month, but I think it's my favorite workout.  I also have no idea why it is called "EZ" because in my opinion, it is one of the hardest workouts in the program.  It might be because there aren't any "fire drills" (minute long segments where you're supposed to push yourself to the limit) but since there aren't any fire drills, there also aren't and 1 minute recovery periods - which I think is why I find it to be harder then the normal Fire workouts.  That's 45 minutes without stopping.  Ever. 

Tonight I plan on doing Fire 30, Tone 30.  I know when I get home I'm not going to want to, but I would feel much better about my week fitness wise if I did, and that's what I have to keep reminding myself as I try to come up with excuses to not workout.

Oh, and remember a few weeks ago when my shoulder was killing me? I still think part of the problem was over-exerting myself in my workouts, but I just realized something else that may be contributing...that's the arm that I always carry my laptop bag with.  And my laptop bag is effing heavy!  I've tried to switch between arms, but it just feels awkward on the other arm.  Not sure what I'm going to do about it, but if my shoulder starts hurting like that again I may have to force myself to carry my bag on my other arm...stupid work computer!

Did you have a better week workout wise than I did?

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