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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beauty Must-Haves

In the past year I've been trying out many new, nicer (aka more expensive) beauty products, mainly because I'm finally not a broke college student any more.  Can I just say, they honestly make a world of a difference.  Yes, cheap-o makeup from walmart works but not like nice stuff does.  So, here are some "must haves" for me:

Urban Decay Primer
This stuff is flipping amazing.  It makes my skin just feel better and wear make-up better.  Love it for day to day life, and it will be a must have for the wedding day!

Bare Minerals Foundation
I actually use one shade in the original formula and one shade in the matte formula, then I use their "warmth" (aka bronzer) as well as their blush and their mineral veil.  I find it incredibly easy to apply, and it really just looks great.  I never liked liquid foundation, it just felt weird to me, but this stuff I love!

Urban Decay Deslick
This is a newer find for me, and I'm obsessed!  I have combination skin, so sometimes my face will get shiny.  Especially since my commute to work includes walking, being crammed on a packed train, and then more walking.  I just spray one little spritz in the air after I applied my foundation (not my bronzer, blush, etc. yet) and I walk through it.  Easy-peasy!

Kenra Dry Shampoo
BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!  I have a full sized thing at home for if I choose not to wash my hair and want to "freshen up" and a travel size in my desk at work for if my commute left my hair all cucky (it gets really windy in Pittsburgh).  It kind of smells like chocolate to me, but it is a miracle.  Spray it on and it feels like you just washed and blow dried your hair.

Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Strength
I have pretty weak nails, and I pick at them constantly.  This is the only clear polish that has ever actually made my nails stronger/less likely to break.  Again, I have one at home and one in my desk at work in case one of my nails ever starts to break I can save it!

Do you have any "must-haves"?


  1. The dry shampoo looks cool! What type of hair do you have? My hair is fine and I find most products just make it gross. I'm tempted though!

  2. I use Urban Decay eye shadow. Very nice stuff.