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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!

Womp wooooooomp...another big fail this week!

I did 2 days of the hundred push up program and I've determined that it isn't for me.  I find myself not wanting to workout the days in between because I don't want to be sore and trying to do more push ups then I've ever done before.  I am going to make an effort to do push ups a few times a week, and I vow to continue to do "real push ups" not "girl push ups" but the program is actually making me workout less which isn't good.

And apart from 2 days of push ups, I did another Jackie Warner DVD: "Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training."  SUCH a good workout.  I recommend this one 100%.  Instead of the "work large and small muscle groups at the same time to burn calories" method that Jillian Michaels does, it's a "work a single muscle group to exhaustion then move on" method.  I did the 40 minute workout and I loved it.  I wish the music was a little more motivating, but that's what iPods playing in the background are for, haha.

Here's to hoping I have a better fitness week next week so I can have some killer "after" photos by the end of March.  I bet it'll be a good week seeing that I'm putting on my wedding dress for the first time ever tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Did you have a better week than I did?

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