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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prepare yourself for some whining...

::pout:: I have to have surgery. 

And what's even worse than that, it's stupid surgery!  It's a surgery that most of the time is for toddlers!  I have to have tubes put in my ears...

Apparently I have "malfunctioning Eustachian tubes" which means my ears pop constantly.  To be quite honest I didn't realize that your ears weren't supposed to pop as often as mine do until the ear doctor told me so when I went in to see if he could fix my constant ear infections/pain in general.  Apparently they hurt so bad because the pressure is just never regulated properly, which is also why they pop constantly (seriously, every time I yawn, my ears pop...go in an elevator, my ears pop...go in the express elevator at work and my ears pop so bad sometimes I want to cry...drive up a hill, my ears pop...drive down a hill, my ears pop...sneeze, my ears pop...I think you get the point).

And I guess usually when an adult gets tubes put in their ears they stay awake for it.  As in you just lie still as someone cuts a hole in your ear drum.  Fun fact about me, I have anxiety.  My anxiety goes through the roof when it comes to my ears.  I jump when the doctor is looking in my ear and does the little air-blowy thing in order to be able to see better.  The doctor straight up told me he didn't trust me to be able to lie still (which would be bad) and so I need to get anesthesia.  Anesthesia makes me nauseous.

So, I have to get my stupid toddler surgery, and I'll probably be throwing up for a few hours afterwards because anesthesia and I don't get along, and I'm just pissy about the whole thing.  And if this doesn't fix my ears, I'm gonna be pissed!  And this is all happening Thursday.

I have forbidden myself from watching youtube videos of tubes being put in someones ears (because I usually can't help but freak the crap out of myself before having any medical procedure) but in case you're wondering, here's a little picture (although the liquid draining thing is just the common reason for toddlers to need tubes, I don't have a liquid draining problem, just a pressure regulation problem):
Wish me luck...if you had tubes put in your ears as an adult and you have any in site as to what it's going to feel like after the fact you would be my new best friend!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you have to do this! No fun at all :o(

  2. I'd be completely freaked out, too. So sorry you have to go through this!

  3. wow! first of all: I had tubes put in my ears THREE TIMES when I was little.
    Secondly: for the past 2 years now, my ears have been popping all the time and I hear what I can only describe as a "train- white noise" sounds all the time. The docs have no idea what it is. In the past 6 months, it has gotten much better than it had been (either that or I"m just so used to the sound I don't realize it) buuut I'm very curious to hear how this helps you and to go to my doc about malfunctioning eustachian tubes!