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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not what I was expecting...

I had my first event planner class last night and I'm a little disappointed, to be quite honest.  I don't know what I was expecting for the first class, but that wasn't it.  A lot of it was just discussion on "are you really ready to open your own business" and I know that I am.  Especially since I wouldn't be doing this for my primary income, just a side job, there wouldn't even be that much risk involved.

On a slightly related note, I think I came up with a name for my little event planning company and I wanted to bounce it off you guys.  First of all, a little background.  I plan on offering full planning as well as day of coordination services and everything in between.  My "niche" so to speak will be completely custom weddings, whether I'm doing the customizing (full planning) or they are and they just want me to execute it the day of. 

Well, the name I came up with is "Glenn Events."  Glenn is my father's name, and is also my middle name.  I love it.  Not to mention, Glenn Events just kind of rolls nicely off the tongue.  My tag line would be "Nothing compares to a Glenn Event, because no one compares to you."  Fi worries that people will assume "Glenn" is the owner of the company, and that Glenn is also a man (apparently he's never heard of Glenn Close, haha) and anyone who wouldn't want a male planner would cross me off the list right away just because of the name of the company.

So, what do you think?  Please be honest...I can totally handle it if you think it is a horrible name!


  1. It's a good name and the tagline is really good too. I don't think people cross off event planners because of gender. It's simple and easy to remember.

  2. I told you I liked it! It rolls nicely! It's nothing crazy or over the top. Simple and to the point.

  3. I think it sounds fine, esp. the tagline. Once you get your name out there, and establish yourself, people will know who you are! I"m sure your class will get better. Get the most out of it that you can!

  4. I like 'Glenn'! Get it girl, this is so cool!

  5. I wouldn't assume it to be run by a man but I would assume that Glenn is the last name of the owner. Might be confusing since that's not your last name - if I met you and you said you worked for "Glenn Events," I would assume you were an employee, not the owner. Just my two cents - it does sound nice, though!