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Monday, March 14, 2011

Most Productive Weekend - EVER!

Seriously, whoever said weekends are a time for relaxing was lying.  But I don't mind, I love being productive!  And this weekend I got so much done...


7am - woke up
          made Bryan breakfast
          got ready for the day
9 am - went to weight watchers
           went to Marshalls (and got more cylinder vases)
            went home
11 am - went to lunch with Bryan
             went to the movies and saw The Adjustment Bureau (a little disappointed, not gonna lie)
             got cat food and new collars for the cats
            Made our first registry at Macys!!!!
This is Bryan pretending to be excited to be going to create
a registry, hahahaha
6 pm - Got home, ate leftovers
            crashed on the couch for the evening

8 am - Got up
           Loaded all my cartridges on my new Gypsy
           Made breakfast
10 am - Started making the cardbox
             Bryan made me lunch at some point
6 pm - Finished cardbox (yes it took that long)
Isn't it pretty?  More on that later!
6 pm - Started doing laundry
            Worked out for 50 minutes (woohoo!)
            Ate dinner
715 - Took a shower
745 - Continued laundry
8 pm - Watched Amazing Race while finishing my 4th load of laundry!!!!!
9 pm - Done with laundry, passed out on the couch!

Seriously, the most productive weekend ever!  And can I just say that creating a registry is slightly exhausting???  But I'm glad to have gotten that all done!

Did you get to cross anything off your to-do list this weekend?


  1. Well done, very productive. Wish I could be like that in my own home, but I get easily distracted. Got Groom's shoes for the big day. Got my hen/bachelorette dress andclutch bag, seen some perfecy BM shoes and got my underwear for the big day.

  2. I love your box!