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Friday, March 4, 2011

More Happy Birthday to Me!

So, since fitness recap Friday kind of blew this week, it's gonna be a two post kind of day!  But before we get to the good part (aka presents for meeeee) the post requires a little background info.

Before I found my dress, actually before I was really looking at dresses, I stumbled upon a bunch of these pearl necklaces on Etsy and I fell in love:

I'm not usually a "vintage" gal, but I just adore these.  I think they're classy and elegant and gorgeous.  At first I was determined to find a dress that would look good with a necklace like this.  Unfortunately, I fell in love with my dress with it's one sleeve - totally would look over powering to have the one sleeve and that necklace.  I even considered getting rid of the sleeve, but that would take away the most unique part of the dress.  Just to refresh your memory, this is my dress (and we'll have better pictures after tomorrow ::squeal::):

I actually posted on Weddingbee about my conundrum.  I loved that style necklace, but I also loved my dress...what's a girl to do?  Well, one of the lovely hive members suggested I wear the necklace to the rehearsal (or other wedding events)...genius!!!!

Heck, I'll wear it to both my Bridal Showers (I'm having a Massachusetts Bridal Shower as well as a Pittsburgh Bridal Shower) and my rehearsal...I love those necklaces that much!  Plus, they aren't exactly cheap so I would want to get my money's worth.

Well, guess what my amazing Mommy gave me for my Birthday (she gave it to me last night since I flew home)? An actual vintage pearl necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not an Etsy look alike, an actual necklace from the 40's!  And here it is:
She got it at "Twentieth Century Ltd - Vintage Designer Costume Jewelry" which is at 73 Charles St, Boston, MA

It is a little chunkier then I would have picked for myself, but it actually looks really good on (thanks to my ballerina neck, which I also "got" from my mother, lol).  Once I have some make-up on I'll take a good picture and show it off, I promise.

I might take the plunge and order this dress that I've been eyeing for my Bridal Showers now that I have the perfect necklace for it.  It's a little dressier then I would normally go for (for a bridal shower) but heck, I'm the bride, I can wear what I want:
What do you think?  Is it way too dressy for a summertime bridal shower?  Or are you in the camp of "the bride can be as dressed up or as dressed down as she wants - she's the bride"!?


  1. What a great gift!! It's soo pretty! I love your wedding dress, too. I originally wanted a one shoulder dress, but went with polka dots instead. I think you should go for the bridal shower dress. I'm in the camp of "it's the brides day, she can do and wear what she wants" LOL!

  2. Danielle - I'm leaning towards that decision. Plus, the Bridal Shower isn't until March, so if I find something else, or get the dress and decide it is too much I can always return it!

  3. I love Love your dress! You look beautiful in it!

  4. Camp Bride can wear whatever she wants! That necklace is gorgeous. I am a jealy-bean.

  5. wear whatever you want! and with that necklace it's perfect! not sure what you're doing for your rehearsal dinner, but it would work for that too!