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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!!!

And I actually have something to recap!  But first, a little note from Skinny Bitch (this was my calendar page yesterday):
It's almost like she knew I've been lazy lately...

But like I said, I have something to recap, which is much better than last week!

Sunday - I did all five segments of "10 Minute Solutions: Knockout Body"

I really don't think I need to talk about this one anymore than I already have, haha.  I just love it.  And since I've been so lazy recently (I still can't believe I didn't workout at all last week) it really kicked my ass!  My shoulders were throbbing on Monday.

Wednesday - I did 30 minutes of "10 Minute Solutions: Pilates Perfect Body."

I did the all over section, the belly section, and the stretch section.  Nothing crazy, but I felt good about it afterwards!

And that's it.  I know, big fat let down...but I have exciting news! 

On Sunday I decided to bite the bullet and invest in something a little more hardcore than your average workout DVD.  I ordered "Turbo Fire" and I'm super excited to say that it should be arriving today or tomorrow.  I'm not going to do the whole "program" (meaning you only do turbofire workouts, it just outlines which one to do on which days) but I think it will be nice to have a really challenging workout available to push myself with.  I'll be sure to review the heck out of the program to help anyone who is considering "taking the plunge" with a more expensive at-home workout!

How was your week?  Any advice or words of motivation to get my butt back on track?

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  1. I have a 10 minute Dance video that you can have if you want. I never got into it. lol I will bring it to WW tomorrow! Yay for doing something!