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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Color Obsession!!!!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post I'd like to give you a little background.  Originally my color scheme was not purple and red (with hints of gold) it was shades of purple with hints of gold.  I wanted my wedding to be an explosion of purple.  And fi was cool with that because the fraternity that he had joined in college colors where purple and gold!  It was perfect...we were meant for each other.

Then I started the venue search.  As you already know, the walls at the Children's Museum are cherry red.  When I initially looked at pictures online I said no because of those red walls.  My wedding was going to be purple, not purple and ::blank::  Before we decided on a venue, however, we decided to meet with a potential caterer, Rania Harris, since she was a preferred caterer at all of the venues we were considering.  Well we instantly fell in love with her (she's perky and you can tell she loves what she does) and her food (yummmmmmm) so we booked her.  And it was actually her that recommended the Children's Museum based off of what we said we wanted our wedding to feel like (whimsical, fun, yet sort of modern).  I brought up my concerns with the red and she started pulling color swatches out of nowhere (this woman has more energy than MOH Sam and I combined, which is basically saying her head could explode at any minute - which I love) to show me how awesome purple and red look together.  I was sold.  It really is such a passionate and rich combination.  And we scheduled a tour of the museum the next day.

From that day forward I have not questioned our decision to get married there and the most amazing color scheme ever.  And a few days ago the lovely Miss Tattoo, author of Tattoos and Lace, wrote a post about her color scheme and introduced me to the most amazing website ever...The Perfect Palette.

So I basically had a field day searching through all of the palettes that included purple and red.  So, if you have ever questioned whether purple and red look amazing together, here is a million reasons why they do (all photos shamelessly stolen from The Perfect Palette and then updated by yours truly in paint):
There isn't anything in particular I'm drawn to in this first one, but seriously, look how good those colors look together!

This one kind of makes me wish I could add gray to my color scheme, but that wouldn't work at all.  But I am obsessed with the flowers in the upper left hand corner.

Ummm...hello beautiful wish tree amongst gorgeous shades of red and gold ::swoon::  And I just like the purple against the gold in the upper left.

This one makes me want to add anemones to my "floral scheme".  And I just think those shoes are cute.  I still want my bridal party to wear gold shoes, but I like those, haha.

I might have to make a red signature cocktail, because those are beautiful.  There are just really good examples of how great purple and red look in this one.  And that bottom right picture makes me want purple hair accessories and red lipstick, although I'm not sure I can pull off red lipstick...

This is by far my favorite.  I just love it.  The colors are amazing.  The guys will be in a "lapis" color and the picture of the dresses makes me want to put my 'maids in a lighter purple, but sister R would kick my butt (apparently light purples are bad and dark purples are good).  I want to print out this picture and blow it up and put it in my basement just to make me happy while working on wedding stuff, haha.

So there you have it, red and purple (with hints of gold) is by far the best color scheme ever.  Hopefully I get to be the one that introduced you to the best website ever and now you can go spend hours on The Perfect Palette lusting over color schemes!


  1. I heart perfect palette! It is such a great resource.

    Congrats on picking (fine tuning) a palette!

  2. Um, why have I never heard of this website before?!?! Thanks for the heads up, I'm heading over there now :)

  3. Mallory- be prepared to spend HOURS browsing that site. It's amazing! And I'm so glad I got to introduce you to it! As we all continue to post about our finds there, pretty soon the ENTIRE wedding world will know about this amazing site!

  4. I loooove the idea of purple and read together! I'm doing Teal/Cerulean blue and purple. And it's certainly nice to know I'm not the only engaged girl out there who was "dumped" because she got engaged. I thought maybe I was imagining things!