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I'm a 23 year old Business Systems Analyst planning a DIY-heavy wedding to the love of my life on 9 . 10 . 11. Other then wedding planning, I spend most of my time trying to stay in shape or playing with my 3 dogs...Gabby, Dudley, and Tyson. I hate cleaning and almost never go a day without wearing something purple, and I hope you can keep up with my ADD blogging style!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope all of you have as great of a day as I'm already having. Fi hid an entire box of classic winnie the pooh valentines around the house, each with a reason why he loved me...he's the sweetest! I basically used V-Day as a chance to use ALL my papercrafting tools (cricut, ultimate craft companion, sizzix, the list goes on). And I took pictures of the process for my favorites, but those will have to wait until later. I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of my Gyno office waiting to have my annual and posting from my phone. For now I'll just leave you with a funny picture I took of my "Bad Dog" calendar...
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  1. That is too freaking sweet! You've got a keeper!