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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With THIS Ring...The Final Chapter

Well, final until I get to start wearing that sucker!  In which case I will probably post more pictures of it, because I'm obsessed.

In case you missed out be sure to catch up with part 1, part 2, and part 3.

So, at the conclusion of the third installment I brought my new precious to get appraised.  I wanted to do this for insurance reasons, but finding out how much it was "worth" kind of made me nervous and excited.  Did I get ripped off?  Or maybe I got a killer deal?  You really never know when you're buying jewelry, especially when you're getting custom made jewelry over the Internet.  Like, I had never even met the woman who made the ring, for all I know she was totally scamming me.

Well, I got to go pick up the ring last week (and proceeded to give it to fi so he could put it in his safe so I wouldn't try to wear it before the big day) and they said the actual appraisal form would be mailed to me.

Before I tell you how much it was appraised for, I guess I should tell you how much I paid for the thing.  The final cost was $764 including priority shipping.  I had sent Adzia some of my old gold jewelry that I don't wear anymore (a couple broken bracelets/necklaces and a few lockets from when I was little that have since been sitting in my Mom's attic) and I got a $348 credit for that.  So, in my eyes, I paid $416 for it since the old gold was of no use to me.  And yes, I could have traded it in for the cash, but who knows if I ever would have been motivated to go dig through my Mom's attic for my old jewelry box if she hadn't brought it up.

And ::drum roll please:: it was appraised for $750!  She had overnight shipped it to me, which could have easily cost $14, so it is actually worth what I paid for it!  And that's including the old gold I sent her!  I thought at best it would appraise for around $600 given it was a custom ring.  Like, she designed it per my specifications, I thought that would cost extra, know what I mean?

The bottom line? Adzia Atelier is the best freaking jeweler out there.  Not only did she provide an amazing product that was beyond my expectations, she sold it to me at a completely fair cost!  If you have ever considered getting a custom piece of jewelry made (wedding related or not) I totally recommend using her!  I already told fi if he ever can't think of a gift to get me, I'd love one of her stack able ring sets with both white and yellow gold rings.


  1. wow, what a relief that it all worked out so well for you! I feel like so many expenses in wedding world are kind of outrageous, so I'm glad you found one that is spot-on!

  2. SO glad that all worked out :) (PS - I just randomly found your blog by seeing your comment on another blog - 2 minutes after I sent a comment to thank you for your adorable card in the swap!!)