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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A post full of random...

I'll start with some random rantings...

So, I take the T downtown then I have to walk a few blocks to work.  In those few blocks there are multiple intersections where the cars will get a left turn signal so the don't walk sign stays up.  I hate when people walk anyway.  Yes, I'd like to get my ass to work too, but can't you feel for the guy in his car that has been patiently waiting for-ev-er to get his turning light?  And now you're ruining it!  Wait the 45 seconds until you actually get a walk sign!
Source - It isn't rocket science...DONT WALK
means Don't Freaking Walk
On a similar note...I understand that most humans don't walk at the pace that I do.  Fi literally has to jog to keep up with me in some situations.  But if you and 37 of your high school buddies want to walk obscenely slow, at least make room for those of us who literally have minor panic attacks when forced to walk slowly down the sidewalk to walk around you...don't take up the whole freaking sidewalk!
Source - How are people supposed to get around you?!?!??!!
And one last walking to work rant - please stay on the right side of the sidewalk.  It's just like driving, you have to stay on the right side of the road.  It isn't that hard of a concept really, people walk on a sidewalk in two directions, there has to be room for both.  Just stay to the right please.

Now some random happy things...

Fi had flowers sent to me at work on Valentine's Day.  I had never gotten flowers at work, and it was amazing.  He knows I have a personal problem with roses (I don't think they're pretty enough for their price tag - and they're over done) so I knew he wouldn't send me those, but I didn't realize he'd be clever enough to send me flowers in our wedding colors!!!!  Look at these beauties:

Personal Photo
Having them on my desk at work makes me really happy...

I really miss dancing.  I started dance at like the age of 2 (if you count "Rhythm and Movement" as dance class, haha) and didn't stop until I graduated high school.  Sometimes when I'm on the T on the way to work (listening to my iPod) I find myself imagining myself dancing.  I think I might look into taking a community class somewhere.  And next time I go to my Mom's house I'll snag some awesome photos of myself as a child before dance recitals to scan and show off...I thought I was a superstar, haha.

And update on my vitamins...I think it's safe to say they're helping with my joint issues, because I'm not nearly as creaky/poppy as I was before.  I can't speak to if they're helping strengthen my nails, because work has been quite stressful, and I pick at my nails (aka tear them to shreds) when I'm stressed, but I think they're helping minimize the self-inflicted damage!  And, everyone around me has gotten sick but I have not!  Which is basically a miracle, because I usually get sick really easily.  So, I think I recommend them.

And a final random thought...I love Glee.  I actually love the music more than I love the show.  Would it be completely inappropriate to have my entire wedding reception be Glee Cast versions of songs?  What about if our first dance was a recreation of the "Time of My Life" dance from Dirty Dancing only danced to the Glee Cast version?  As in, do this dance:
Only to this version of the song:
Hehehe, and the sad part is, I'm only halfway kidding...

Is there any random thought you'd like to get off your chest?  Because honestly, I feel great right now, and totally recommend a good vent to anyone!

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  1. I'm positive that we'll have a bunch of Glee songs at our reception as well. We both love that show!