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Friday, February 4, 2011

Worst Day Ever

Sorry readers, no Fitness Recap today, because it is the worst day ever (don't worry, you aren't missing much, I only worked out once and that was just running on a treadmill).

So, first we have to back track a little bit.  A few weeks ago our furnace was making wonky noises, so fi called the furnace people and they said there's nothing really wrong with it but we're going to charge you a bunch of money anyway and change a setting so that it heats the house a little more efficiently.  Yay for being a homeowner and getting charged tons of money for nothing.

Right after that, we started having issue with water draining out of our house.  We kind of figured somehow a cat toy (or 10) got stuck in the drain, so first fi tried to snake it out.  And he pulled out some cat toys, but it still wasn't draining.  So this past weekend he called a plumber who pulled out a whole slew of stuff, and then found that there was a break in our sewer line.  He then quoted $12,000 to fix it.  Yeah, my Dad fixes stuff like that for a living, so if they wanted that much money I was going to buy my Dad a plane ticket, rent him an excavator, and throw him a grand just for fun and we'd still be able to get it done for a fraction of the cost.

Until fi remembered we had this warranty thing through the water company.  So we don't have to pay to have it fixed, which is awesome, and they were scheduled to come today to dig it up.

Well this morning I was woken up by crashbamboom from the basement then ::blek:: from Tyson.  Yeah, he threw up right on our comforter.  And we can't wash it.  Because our house doesn't drain water yet.  Awesome.  But what was the crashbamboom you ask?  Yeah, that was our furnace blowing up again.

So let's recap, I have people coming to dig up our sewer line today, a vommitting dog, and no heat.

So fi called the furnace people and they said they could be here between 8 and noon.  I said I'd stay and work from home, so fi could actually go to work (he had missed a few days this week dealing with the sewer thing already, and I think his head would have exploded if he had to face the furnace guy who said there was nothing wrong with our furnace a few weeks ago).

Then the sewer people got here and started digging holes with their mini excavator:
Yeah, I'm totally a creeper and take pictures of the men working
Meanwhile it is getting pretty cold in the house because, you know, we don't have heat.  Well it is getting super cold in the basement (aka Cat Kingdom) so I made the decision to bring the cats upstairs.  They didn't like that.  Charles ran around hyperventilating (I tried to get a video, but couldn't get a good one) while Louie continually searched for higher ground until he found the highest ground in our house:
He was so pleased with his spot he basically started making love to it
 Yeah, that's an Ikea cabinet we have in our kitchen.  I have no idea how he got up there.,  But he's happy, so I'm happy.

Then I get the call that the furnace guy was going to get there soon.  What the hell am I going to do with the dogs???  Normally when people are coming in and out of the house we let the dogs outside, but yeah, there's an excavator out there.  My only option was to blockade them upstairs with a baby gate, like so:

Poor puppies!

And I was trying to pay attention so that when the furnace guy got here I would greet him before he rang the doorbell.  Yeah, seeing as today is the worst day ever, no luck with that.  As soon as he rang it Tyson jumped over the gate and came barreling down the stairs, and I just jumped outside to lead the furnace guy to the basement by the back door.

I then had to carry Tyson back upstairs and place him over the gate (for the record, he's like 75 pounds) but by this time the cats had calmed down:
Louie high on life for finding such an awesome place to hang out

Charles being a fatty in the sun
But then Charles decided it would be really fun to torment the dogs.  Please excuse my baby voice (I can't help it when I talk to them, I swear) but look how pathetic my puppies are:

So yeah, that's my life right now.  When it rains, it pours, right?  Here's to hoping things get better...and they probably will because yesterday I received my crop-a-dile and I can't wait to play with it!!!  More on that later though!

PS - all personal, crappy cell phone pictures!

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  1. That IS the worst day ever! I'd be either crying or laughing hysterically because how could this much stuff go wrong at the same time. Happy crop-a-dile! I need to get one.