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Monday, January 24, 2011

Envisioning My Potential Centerpieces

Warning - if you are not an overly visual bride-to-be (or newlywed) you may find some of the images that follow disturbing.  Actually, you'll probably just think I'm crazy for taking the time in paint to create them, but either way I warned you!

Okay, so we know from this post that I've been collecting cylinder vases to use for my wedding centerpieces.  I figured before I had an entire room full of different size cylinder vases, I should probably make a solid plan at to what my centerpieces are going to be.

I love the submerged flower look (with floating candles on top) and I have already determined that my primary flower-scheme will be orchids, mini calla lilies, and hydrangea, so I got to googlin'.  And I fell in love with these pictures:


Only I would want red cymbidium orchids, cream and purple mini callas, and purple hydrangea.  Like these:


And then I came up with the idea to have them placed on a white circle in the center of the table (which will have a dark purple table cloth) to tie in the white of the chairs and to mimic the gigantic white lanterns in the space.  And just for fun (and to add a little more red) I would toss a few preserved red orchids on there like these:
In the bottom of each cylinder vase I would put gold colored rocks/crystals and there would be a white floating candle in each.

Now, since I decided I wanted three cylinder vases on each table, I thought using lumies for table numbers (which is what I originally planned) would be too much.  So I came up with the idea to take bubble votive holders and then use gold tissue paper to give them some texture/color and then put the table number on it in red.  Like these:

Source - Only just gold tissue paper, no design (apart from the table number done in red)
Okay, so now that I've explained everything, here is my crazy-planner-bride paint creation:
Source for base image - all other images previously sourced in this post, then painted over
Yes - I took a picture from a previous event at the Children's Museum covered the table with purple, painted the chairs white (we'll be using their white chairs not their black chairs), painted over my inspiration pictures to make them the proper color, and built a mock-up of what my tables could look like in Paint.  I am a crazy-planner-bride, but I really like how it turned out!  What do you think?

Next step will be to get fake versions of my desired flowers to do a real life mock-up, and if I still love it, order real flowers to do a practice run since I'm DIYing all the flowers.

Have you ever gone to the extreme to get a visual of what your idea will look like (or do you just think I'm nuts, haha)?

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