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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Promise I'm Not Just Being a Drama Queen...

...but I think my sister is going to ruin my wedding.

Let's back up a few steps though.  I have two older sisters, R and K.  They are 28 and 26 respectively.  Neither are married, they actually live together.  Growing up, since they were close in age, and then I was 4 years behind K, they had a tendency to team up on me, but whatever, that's what older sisters do, right?  Well, the easiest way to say this is that our relationship is at it's best when I'm over 500 miles away and we really only get to talk on the phone, we don't actually get to see each other.  That's why it is so awesome that I moved over 500 miles away from my family!

Sometimes when we all get together, it's fun, we laugh, there's no fighting, like so:
Myself, R, and K - Personal Photo
We're having fun, laughing, sitting on each other...but sometimes it isn't so fun.  Sometimes it's explosive and ends like this:
Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but needless to say, it doesn't always end pretty.

Well, I don't think K is dealing very well with the idea of her little sis getting married before her.  And to make things worse, R is dating a really great guy right now and they're super happy, whereas K is still alone.  It must suck.  Seriously it must, but know what would suck even worse?  Having your sister cause a scene at your wedding by getting too drunk and acting like an idiot.  And K is very well known for getting too drunk (doesn't take much, she's tiny compared to me and R) and doing stupid/crazy/mean shit.

Well, I happened to have to come up to good old Massachusetts for work for the beginning of this week, so I just had them purchase the plane ticket for Saturday so I could spend the weekend with my family/friends.  Yesterday, R, K, and I were sitting in my Mom's kitchen (Mom was there too) and I joked with R that her boyfriend better not propose to her at my wedding and steal my thunder (and that really is just a joke, any guy that knows R would know that would be the last place she wanted to be proposed to) and K chimes in, "I used to tell S (her a$$hole ex-boyfriend) that he should propose to me at your wedding, and he said he wouldn't want to cause that kind of drama, and I always said, compared to the amount of drama that's going to go down that day, you proposing would be nothing!"

And I just stared at her.  I've already discussed with MOH Sam (who has seen her drunk and violent (towards me)) we might need to lock her in a bathroom or something if she gets out of control, and he's basically like, don't even worry about it, haha, because he's the best MOH EVER!  But that comment really stung.

What drama does she think will being going down on my wedding day?  Like seriously, part of me is afraid she's already planning some crazy stunt, and I just want to marry my fiance and have a fun time afterwards with my family and friends.  Why is she anticipating, not to mention bringing up in a cruel voice, my wedding day to be a drama filled circus?

Seriously, as I type this I just want to cry.  You would have to know my sister to know what she's capable of, and I'm not about to air her dirty laundry (her dirtier laundry at least) out on the Internet.  But my Mom is in denial ("Oh she didn't mean anything by it, she was kidding, she wouldn't dare pull something at your wedding"), sister R just doesn't want to deal with it, and my Dad is basically like "Midgie (he calls me midget, which is funny because although when I was a child I was short, I am now the tallest...I'm actually almost as tall as him) just don't worry about it.  The second she even toes the line of being inappropriate I will have her put in a hotel."  But I don't want my Dad to have to miss half my reception because my sister is being a drunken idiot.  And I just don't want to have to deal with that kind of behavior ever, never mind at my own wedding.

I know the best I can do is hope for the best and trust that my family will at least take care of it if something does happen, because I've learned by now you can't try and control the actions of other people.  It just makes me really sad.  I look at my fiance's family and they are all so close, and get along, and they truly care about one another, and I am so lucky to be joining a family like that, and to be accepted into their family as if I always belonged with them.  But I'm hurt, and ashamed of the fact that my sisters and I just do not get along.  I called my fiance earlier today and told him I don't want to have to see my Mom or sisters until we're doing portraits, and I'm completely serious in that, and it's horrible.  But they stress me out, and push my buttons, and even though it's pathetic that I don't want to have them there while I get ready for my wedding, I don't think I can do it without having someones head explode.

Sorry for having such a down in the dumps post, but I'm not going to lie, getting this off my chest without having my feelings instantly dismissed (which is what my Mom does) makes me feel better...so thanks for listening!  Just keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing actually happens at the wedding...


  1. Yikes, this sounds like it could get bad! I'm sure it is hard for her that you are getting married first. Maybe you should sit down and have an honest talk with her? If not, just have several people keeping an eye on her that night! Good luck!

  2. Wow, I would knock my sisters out. I'm the middle child and my older sister is married so there will be none of that there. Maybe you should sit down with your sister and just be nice but blunt. Tell her that you know she's good for bullshit and drama and you would appreciate if she could not be dramatic on your wedding day. Good luck!

  3. Bad bad bad. I'll come to the wedding abe like, "What now, woman?" if you'd like. I could take her.