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Thursday, January 6, 2011

In case you aren't a member of the Hive...Part 2!

What worked for me...

First of all, I tried to workout at least 4 times a week.  Sometimes life got in the way (for instance, when Fi's Grandfather died) but I really tried my best to get 4 workouts in.  There was more then one week where I did some form of exercise every day, although I wasn't killing myself everyday!  You have to give your body time to heal in between hard workouts!  I workout anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.  Usually though, my workouts are about 45 minutes.
A normal week for me went like this:
  • Sunday - resistance training
  • Monday - easy/short day (who wants to workout on Mondays???)
  • Tuesday - resistance training
  • Wednesday - hardcore cardio
  • Thursday - resistance training
  • Friday - I didn't always workout on Fridays, when I did, it was whatever I was in the mood for, generally cardio
  • Saturday - off, but I like to do some yoga before going to my meeting to get my blood flowing a little bit.  I'm a fan of Kundalini yoga, I find it relaxing (I don't really consider it to be "exercise" though)
These are the supplies that I have:
  • Yoga mat
  • Hand weights - 1, 3, 5, and 8 pound sets
  • Kettlebells - 5 and 10 pound (I would like to invest in a 20 pound as well)
  • Resistance Bands, but I don't use them much
  • Mini Balance Ball, but I don't use this much
These are the DVDs that I have:
  • Cardio
    • I have 3 Insanity workouts that I got from a friend of mine
      • These really are insane - this is usually my killer cardio workout for the week.  The whole system is pretty pricey though (and super intense) so personally I wouldn't buy it, but if someone wants to give you a few for free, I wouldn't turn them down either!
    • Jillian Michael's "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism"
      • I can't say I love it, but I think if you didn't want to buy that many DVDs it would be great to get this and No More Trouble Zones and rotate between the two
    • Amy Bento: Kickbox Xtreme Workout 
      • This DVD is tough, not just because the workout is hard, but the choreography is really quick.  If you don't have a history of dance or something similar, I would not recommend this DVD, I think it could be frustrating.  But if you have experience with complex choreography or kickboxing, it is really fun!
  • Resistance
    • Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones"
      • I love this workout, especially the ab circuit.  I attribute my absurdly defined obliques to this DVD
    • Jari Love: Get Extremely Ripped!
      • Another DVD that I love.  Jari is kind of obnoxious, but I was doing Jillian DVDs like every day, and if I heard "Don't phone it in" (anyone who does a Jillian workout regularly can probably relate, lol) one more time I was going to lose my mind, so I decided to get a DVD with a different trainer.  This workout is KILLER
    • Power Body: Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller (kettle bell)
      • Mleh - don't really recommend it.  It is a good workout, but it's kind of boring and the trainer has this cheesy smile plastered on her face the ENTIRE workout
    • Amy Bento: Kettlebell Dynamics
      • This is a much better kettlebell DVD.  And I really like the music in it, which helps make it more interesting.
  • Combo
    • Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred"
      • If you haven't heard about this, you must live under a rock, lol.  I like it for if I don't have the motivation to do a full workout but want to squeeze something in.  I wouldn't do it for 30 days straight like you're supposed to though.
  • Yoga
    • Yoga Quick Fixes - Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
      • LOVE THIS!  If you've never done Kundalini though, research it a bit before taking the plunge to buy the DVD.  Kundalini focuses a lot on meditation and breathing, which is why I really don't consider this "exercise", more of "me time" haha.
  • Pilates
    • Stott Pilates with Flex Bands - got from Marshalls, can't remember what it's actually called to give you a link
      • I rarely use this, it is super boring.  That's what I get for buying a workout DVD at Marshalls though.
    • Stott Pilates with Mini Balance Ball - again, I got it at Marshall's
      • Again, super boring
I also bought myself a few more DVDs (Merry Christmas to Me) that I'm still waiting to receive, and I'll let you all know if I like them after I try them.  They are:
I also sometimes watch fitness videos on demand through Netflix.  Last night I did a half hour of pilates from the 10 minute solution pilates video which was available on Netflix and I really liked the Ab segment.

A great place to find workout equipment is Marshall's and TJ Maxx - that's where I got my kettlebells for a STEAL!

Okay, so that's a TON of information, and I'm sure I missed something along the way.  If you have any questions, just ask!

And, just as an FYI, you DO NOT need to invest in this many DVDs.  You don't need to spend a lot of money in order to get a good exercise regimen in place, I just have workout ADD so the more options I have the more likely I am to workout!

And I'll wrap this up with a little inspirational quote:
No matter who you are, no matter what you do,
you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.
-Bill Phillips

Happy exercising!

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