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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Peek at My Vision

So, to make up for my pathetic fitness recap for the week, today is going to be another two post kind of day.

I figure you've now seen what my wedding band will look like, my wedding wish tags (and inspiration for my wedding wish tree), a peek at my venue, and my dress so instead of continuing to throw little bits and pieces at you, I figured I would share my inspiration board!

But before I actually unveil it, I'm going to give you a little background.  Verbally set the mood for our wedding...  Our wedding colors are eggplant and cherry red with accents of gold.  Because of the massive lanterns hanging in our venue, circles have become a sort of "theme" for the whole event.  Like my wedding dress, I hope that in the end the whole event feels whimsical and, most of all, fun.  I have an obsession with orchids, and will be making submerged orchid centerpieces in cylinder vases.  And two focal points at the reception will be the candy buffet and the wish tree.  Now, without further adieu...my (current) inspiration board:

And now a little breakdown (as well as source information) for the whole thing...

1.  That lovely room is our venue!  Both the ceremony and the reception will take place there, but for the ceremony the room will be divided in half with pipe and drape (and the tables will already be set up on the other side of the curtains), and during the cocktails (which will take place in the lobby) the room will be switched over so that where the ceremony was held will be the dance floor. (source)
2.  That's my beautiful dress (Augusta Jones - Serafina)! (source)
3/4.  These are the kinds of flowers that I'll be using - purple hydrangeas, Vermeer mini callas, and red mokara orchids. (Source for 3 - Source for 4)
5.  These are preserved orchids.  I'm going to try to use them for the boutonnieres and they will also line the aisle at the ceremony and be other random places during the reception. (source)
6.  This is my favorite inspiration photo of a Wedding Wish Tree. (source)
7.  When it came to sprucing up the curtains that will be the backdrop of our ceremony, I was kind of at a loss.  So, I turned to my best friend google, and searched for "indoor wedding ceremony decor" and fell in love with this picture.  We plan on making the columns ourselves that will set the stage for our wedding ceremony. (source)
8.  Like I said, the centerpieces will be submerged orchids in cylinder vases.  I've already been collecting cylinder vases on the cheap from Marshall's and TJ Maxx, but I still don't have a final decision as to how many cylinders there will be on each table.  (source)
9.  Table numbers will be DIY luminaries.  To prevent having a serious fire hazard we plan on using fake candles (hopefully off ebay) to put within the lumie. (source)
10.  As soon as I saw this dress, I fell in love with it for our flower girl, and that was even before I had chosen a tulle dress for myself!  It will be purple though, not pink! (source)
11.  This is our monogram that I designed!  We'll be using it on everything from the invites, to the lumies, and I'm even embossing cocktail napkins with it!  (made by me!)
12/13.  One thing that we definitely want to do even though we're having an open bar is have signature cocktails.  We're going to have the Mr. and the Mrs.  The Mrs. will be a purple gin cocktail (that MOH Sam and I have yet to come up with the recipe) and the Mr. will just be scotch on the rocks.  What can I say...I like gin (and purple for that matter) and he likes scotch... The link for 12 isn't the recipe we'll be using, I just liked the picture! (source for 12 - source for 13)
14.  Is inspiration for our candy buffet.  I still haven't decided if we're going to make it all purple and red, or just buy our favorite candy.  But it definitely looks pretty when it goes with the color scheme! (source)
15.  This is our color scheme!  Apart from the walls being red, we plan on just using red as an accent color (a few pops of it in bouquets and on the tables).  Most of what we are bringing into the venue (linens, BM dresses, GM attire, pomanders, etc.) will be eggplant purple. (source)

So there you have it, my current "inspiration board."  I'm sure it will evolve as time goes on and plans become more concrete, but I'm pretty pumped about it for now!

Are you a visual person like me with an in-depth inspiration board?

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