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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Processional Difficulties

Before I get into the bulk of this post (aka Processional Music) I need to set the scene for you a little bit.  I'm getting married (as well as having cocktails and the reception) at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.  The space we have is called the "Grand Hall" and by day it is actually the cafeteria for the museum, but when the sun goes down it can turn into this:

The room is slightly awkward because it's so long and narrow, but I think it's perfect.  Sometimes people ask me strange questions (such as "are you a teacher or something?") when I say that's where I'm getting married, but simply put, I think the space is absolutely gorgeous.  The marble walls and over sized lanterns, not to mention the pop of a passionate, cherry red along the tops of the walls!

It is different, and fun, and whimsical...everything I want my wedding to be.  So, needless to say, I don't have any interest in walking down the aisle to "Here comes the bride".

In case you haven't noticed my train of thought jumps around regularly, I just hope it all makes sense by the end of the post...

My Mom's BF, Dan, is an incredibly talented musician.  He was never formally trained, he's just the type of person who can hear a song and recreate it on a number of different instruments.  He and my mother have been together for most of my life (since I was in the fourth grade to be exact) and I would love to be able to include him in my day.  I'm still very close with my Father, who will walk me down the aisle, but I decided I would love nothing more than for Dan to play our processional.

Deciding what I  wanted to walk to was actually quite easy, "Storybook Love" from the movie "A Princess Bride".  I love that movie, the song is fully capable of bringing me to tears, and at some point in my life I heard someone used that for their wedding and that's when I decided I wanted to use it for my wedding.  In case you don't know what the song is, here you go (and Dan will be playing it on acoustic guitar):

Figuring out what the rest of the Bridal Party would walk to was much more difficult, especially since I was dead set on walking to this song.  I needed to find another song that sounded awesome on the acoustic guitar and would flow nicely into my dream aisle-walking song.

So obviously, I turned to google.  I actually ended up googling "Princess Bride Storybook Love Wedding Processional".  And I found this site which had a bunch of processional songs listed, including "Storybook Love".  So I basically starting youtube-ing each of the songs under the "Contemporary" list adding "acoustic guitar" to the end of the song title.  And now I've fallen quite deeply in love with the idea of the song "Come What May" from the movie "Moulin Rouge" played on the acoustic guitar (with no one singing) for my bridal party entrance.  Here's what I'm thinking:

I spent a solid 20 minutes having Come What May open on one tab and Storybook Love open on another so I could start Storybook love right as Come What May finished to get an idea of what it would sound like, and I couldn't be happier.

If fi is down, I'll pass the news along to my Mom so she can have Dan start practicing Come What May (he's already practicing Storybook Love".

What do you think of the song selection?  Do they actually flow nicely together or am I just trying to convince myself that they do because I'm obsessed with Storybook Love?  And did you have this much trouble figuring out your Processional Music?