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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fitness Recap Friday!!!

Instead of boring you all on a daily basis with what I did (or didn't) do that day, I've decided to just do a recap day once a week, and what better day then Friday?

So, you already know MOH Sam kicked my butt with a killer plyometric workout last Saturday.

Sunday, I was still so sore from the previous day's plyo, I just slept all day (like seriously).  So nothing to recap from Sunday.

Monday was the first time I used one of my new DVDs:

I really like the "10 Minute Solution" DVDs in general because there are 5 10 minute segments that you get to choose from and you can set it from the beginning to play specific segments in a certain order.  I only did 3 of the 5 segments (I did "Kickbox Cross Train", "Ultimate Upper Body", and "Fierce & Fabulous Abs" and left out "Knockout Body Blast" and "Fat Attack") and I like what I've seen so far.  The instructor isn't obnoxious or fake but does move a little quickly from one move to the next.  And seriously, weighted gloves are just plain cool!  Who doesn't want to work out with weighted gloves?

Tuesday I tried out another one of my new DVDs:

Once again, I'm a fan of the "10 Minute Solution" DVDs, this time I completed 4 of the 5 segments ("Fat Blasting Intervals", "Lean Body Sculpt", "Belly Fat Burner", and "Power Yoga" leaving out "Cardio Kickboxing" since I had done kickboxing the night before).  Again, I really like the DVD.  I already knew that I liked Amy Bento (the trainer) and I already knew I liked the set up of the DVD (I'm less likely to get bored when each segment is only 10 minutes, even if I do all 5 of them) so I never really doubted whether I'd like it or not.

This DVD is especially cool because it's a mix of 5 different types of exercise, whereas the 10 Minute Solutions are usually all kickboxing or all yoga.

On Wednesday I did yet another new DVD:
This one is just under 45 minutes long including warm up and cool down.  Although the name is stupid, and the trainer is slightly obnoxious because she really never stops encouraging you (and she says things as if she can actually see you, which I just find weird) I really liked the workout.  It was very similar to a Jillian Michael's workout (cardio to keep the heart rate up, working large and small muscle groups at the same time, then more cardio) but I would poke my ear drums out if I did a Jillian Michael's DVD every day (yes Jillian, we all know you're the toughest trainer on TV but that's why you get results...I'm not phoning it in, I promise, who brings a phone to a workout anyway? If you've ever done a Jillian Michael's DVD you know what I'm talking about). 

So, I think this is a nice way to mix it up.  If I could find an awesome DVD like this without an obnoxious trainer who says the same things over and over again I would be pumped...but until then these will do.  Oh, and you can tell she's trying to cover up a southern accent, and it's slightly distracting at first...either have an accent or don't, trying to cover it up unsuccessfully is just kind of annoying.

Yesterday I didn't work out.  Instead I threw myself a PMS induced pity party because the Ear Nose and Throat doctor says I'm either going to have to use a nasal spray for the rest of my life (YUCK) or use a nasal spray for two months then GET TUBES PUT IN MY EARS!  What is that?!  I'm not a toddler!  And the whole concept of tubes in my ears makes me cringe.  So, instead of working out, I ate oreos. 20 pointsplus worth of oreos to be exact (yeah, that's 10 oreos).  Those oreos were damn good, and made my PMS induced pity party successful.

And I'm not going to workout today because it's Friday.  No big plans or anything, I just know I won't workout.  If you have the will power to get yourself to workout regularly on Fridays, super kudos to you, you are a much more dedicated exerciser than me!

Did you have any particularly good (or bad for that matter) workouts this week?  Have you become an Fitness DVD Buying Addict like me?  Because seriously, I think I might have a problem...


  1. Hey Manda! Thanks for popping by my blog! I haven't tried any of the latest Firm videos, but I use them a few years ago and really loved them. I thought they did job of giving you a pretty good workout and I saw some great results. Good luck with the DVDs!

  2. I really like this one from Crunch...I think it was Bootcamp? A girl was the host, and it was broken into different plyo/strength sections. I have know idea where it is or I would find out the real name.