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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Name is MandaMack, and I Have an Internet Shopping Problem...

Seriously, I do.

It's instant gratification on a completely different level from real life shopping.  The moment you think of something you want, you can find it on the Internet and buy it (thanks to laptops and smart phones).  Yes, you may not actually receive it for a few days, but you own it right away and you get a package in the mail!  Who doesn't like getting packages?  Seriously, it's like Christmas!

On top of that it is so much easier to dig through an online store then it is to find what you want in a real store.  Take DSW for instance.  On DSW.com you can instantly sort out all the shoes that are in your size, in the color you want, and the style you want.  Then you can line them up by either what other people have thought of them or by price.  YOU CAN'T DO THAT IN THE ACTUAL STORE!  And if the shoes don't fit, I usually just bring them back to a real store, return them, and order a different size online.  It helps that my addiction has lead me reach "Premier Reward Status" with DSW, which means I get free overnight shipping on all of my orders.

But, with the wedding coming up, I can't be frivolously spending money on random stuff that I decide that I want/need throughout the day...no matter how good of a deal I can find it for on overstock.com!  But what I can shop for is WEDDING RELATED STUFF!  That way when fi gets home and texts me that there are 4 packages waiting for me I can just reply "it's for the wedding" and he doesn't ask anymore questions.

Well yesterday I was Internet-browsing and went to the Joann Fabrics site.  And right there on the home page..."Web Exclusive Sale" and even better "Up to 40% off paper crafting supplies"!!!!!!!  Someone who is going to DIY her wedding invitations can never have enough paper crafting supplies!  So I went a little crazy and ordered the following:

Crop-A-Dile Eyelet & Punch Kit - Lime: This I know I need to use on my well wishes tags so that the hooks don't get ripped off of the paper.  I'm sure I'll find somewhere else to use it along the way though.
Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool: I need this guy for my invites, since I don't want any part of them to have square corners.
Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine Beginner's Kit: Because who doesn't want to personally emboss the flaps of the envelopes as well as any other random little tid-bit of their DIY Invitation Suite! (Not to mention, I can use my Cricut to make custom embossing folders...so I can literally emboss anything my heart desires)
But Joann's wasn't the only place I went a little crazy.  I also surfed on over to Ebay to look for beads to use in the boutonnieres (since I'll be doing a practice run - that may turn into the real thing if I really love them - in the middle of February).  And I purchased some of these lovelies:

As well as some of these:


And a handful of these:


Needless to say, I totally gave in to my Internet shopping addiction yesterday, and I only ended up with 1 thing that isn't wedding related...

But they're adorable, and I can wear them to work (because they're close toe), and I had $25 worth of rewards certificates built up so they only cost me $25 and the shipping was free because of my Premier Rewards Status.  If that doesn't justify buying a new pair of shoes, I just don't know what does!

Do you love Internet shopping as much as I do, or do you prefer brick and mortar stores?

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  1. I love Online Shopping - not sure if I could give up Brick and Mortar stores though... I also love closed toed shoes!