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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Hectic Mornings

So, I didn't work out last night, and thus have nothing to share with you fitness wise.  I didn't work on any wedding stuff either (big surprise there) so nothing to share with you wedding wise.  I did go to puppy class, but I'm disappointed with my youngest (Tyson) so I don't really want to talk about the dogs.  Instead, you all get to read about the crazy that is my weekday mornings...

Fi and I get up around the same time (6 am) I roll around in bed trying to wake up while he goes and feeds the dogs.  And luckily I shower at night and he showers in the morning because we only have one bathroom!  By the time he gets in the shower I roll out of bed and go to brush my teeth, floss, swish, wash my face.  Some days I'm really awesome about doing my hair really well, other days I'm not so awesome.  Today I was not so awesome, but that's just because I'm getting my hair cut during my lunch today (praise Buddha - my roots are outrageous right now), so why would I do my hair just to have it done for me in a few hours???

Then I get dressed, do the make up thing, and mosey down to the kitchen and this is when my morning gets exciting.  At this point I have not had my cup of coffee yet (I like to enjoy it on my way to work, not suck it down at home) so I have to be very careful to not forget anything.  Because if I do forget to do one of the next few things, I end up having a very bad day because I don't like to f*ck with my routine.
  • I create my parfait (I'll totally give you the "recipe" for this later, because it is my favorite edible part of my day).  This takes between 5 and 7 minutes.
  • I make my fruit salad.  This takes like 2 minutes and will be eaten throughout the morning:
      Yummy Yummy fruit - personal photo
  • I put all that stuff away.
  • I get 8 crackers and put them in a sandwich baggy.  These are part of my afternoon snack.
  • These are my favorite
  • I grab a wedge of laughing cow cheese from the fridge.
  • Seriously if you like cheese and you haven't tried this stuff, you should...
  • I grab my lean cuisine
  • I get a bottle of water out of the cabinet, open it and go take my pills out of my old lady pill box.  Not my vitamins, my meds, but that's a different post for a different day.
  • I then gather up the parfait, fruit salad, crackers, cheese, lean cuisine, and bottle of water and put it in my reusable grocery bag along with my work shoes for that day.  I cannot express to you in words how depressing it is to get to work and realize I forgot one of those things.  It throws my entire life out of balance.
I am lucky enough to have the sweetest fiance ever who makes my coffee and puts the one tablespoon of creamer that I like in it so once I have my life packed up (and I remember to put my weight watchers power pack into my work bag - I can live without it, but it makes for a very cranky day) my routine continues...
  • Put on boots
  • Put on scarf
  • Put on hat (this is much easier during the warm months)
  • Put on coat
  • Put ipod and phone in right coat pocket
  • Put keys and ID (which has my bus pass attached to it) in my left pocket
  • Double check everything is in the appropriate pocket
  • Triple check everything is in the appropriate pocket (seriously - these are things I CANNOT live without)
Then we crate the dogs and head out to the garage.  On lovely mornings such as this one we have to shovel (booooooo) but at least we have a garage and don't need to clean off the car.

Fi works down in Station Square (it's a really weird touristy mall {stores such as "The Sock Shop"} that also happens to have like 7 stories of offices there) so I drive down with him (and drink my coffee) then we part ways and say goodbye and give a quick kiss at the exact same spot every day and I walk through the weird mall out to the T station on the other side.  I could just take the bus down to work in the morning, but a) I like the peaceful time with my fi and b) the T is much more reliable then a bus.

So then I take the T into downtown and go to work and that's where I am now.  I am justifying blogging while at work by saying that I've done the work of like 5 people all week, I'm allowed to spare a half hour and write a blog entry!!!

Fi thinks it's amazing that it is very rare for me to forget any of those steps in my morning, because he can barely remember to grab his lunch that he packed the night before out of the fridge.  But, I'm a creature of habit, and this routine works for me!

Do you have a morning routine?  Is it as scheduled as mine is?  Does it ruin your entire day if your morning doesn't go the way you want it to (because seriously, it's nearly impossible to bounce back from a bad morning experience for me)?

Happy Friday!!!

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