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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little behind schedule...

So, back when I was Super-Planner-Bride and I basically had my entire wedding planned (though not executed) when there was still over a year until the big day, I made myself a lovely little DIY timeline:
Personal Creation (with the help of MS Visio)
Yeah, well, I'm already a little behind schedule.  Not my fault though...I was not anticipating my anti-planning slump!  Luckily, all I missed was my initial date to send out my Save the Dates.  I said I was going to right at the beginning of the year, and well, that didn't happy.  I have my Save the Dates, the fiance has collected all his addresses, I have just yet to collect the addresses of all my guests.  They can wait, 9 months was super early for Save the Dates anyway.

And, you know what?  Getting the first image of my wedding band has kind of knocked me out of my slump.  Now, you can bet your first born child my first wedding related project after the slump was not going to be collecting addresses.  That would basically be asking my brain to go back into the slump.  So instead I moved on to what I had originally planned on completing this month: Well Wishes Cards.

...train of thought completely changes, but it's not hard to figure out why...

At no point in my life did I ever even think about what kind of guestbook I would want at my wedding.  Once I started planning the big day, at no point did I ever think I would have a plain old guestbook!  It was pretty early on in wedding-inspiration-searching that I fell in love with these beauties:
And my personal favorite:

I LOVE WEDDING WISH TREES!  I think they're gorgeous, and whimsical, and so much more fun than a regular guest book.  And although I don't plan on making the actual tree until much later, I figured right after Christmas would be a good time to make them since ornament hanger thingies would be on sale.  So my plan for this weekend is to make just over 100 (although I'm sure not all of them will be used; better safe then sorry) wish tags!

So yesterday I ordered some paper from paperandmore.com (Champagne Metallic Card Stock to be exact) and started looking for hangy things.

I could have gotten super simple ornament hangers like these ones for super cheap:
And I had full intentions of doing that, until I saw these:
Needless to say, I became instantly obsessed and just went ahead and purchased the pretty ornament hangers.  Yes, the ugly ones would have worked, but they pale in comparison to the pretty ones.

So, paper and hanger thingies are on the way, I just needed to design what would be on the back of the tags.  I knew I wanted them to be round (circles is a theme of our wedding...you will see circles in everything) and luckily I had purchased a Cricut a few months back so I won't have to hand cut 100 circles out of card stock, but I had no idea what kind of design I was going for.  So I surfed over to Etsy to see what other people might buy for their Wedding Wish Tree and I really liked these guys...

The first is simple yet whimsical, and straight to the point:

The next one is a lot more visually interesting (although I wouldn't want a large acorn) and I like that the names and wedding date are incorporated:
So, I got down to business in MS Publisher trying to create my own Wish Tags and here is what I ended up with:
Personal Creation
I'm quite happy with it!  It's using our "font scheme" and I'm quite proud of how whimsical the "Wedding Wishes" looks.  I still have to run it by the fiance and MOH Sam to get their opinions, but so far, I'm happy!

More to come on my Well Wishes Cards once I actually start creating them, and I promise I'll show off my Save the Dates once I muster up the energy to collect addresses!