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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Men invented "girly push-ups" to keep women weak!

That's exactly what MOH Sam said to me as I was about to start doing "girly push-ups" (aka push-ups on your knees instead of in a full push-up/plank position on your toes) this past Saturday.  Mind you, he had already put me through the ringer with a killer Plyometric workout, and he didn't just want me doing normal push-ups, he wanted me to be doing push-ups while balancing on a bosu ball:
Yeah, well, I managed to do 3 real, good form push-ups.  That pretty much sucks.  And you know what, I've been complaining about not feeling like my upper body is getting any stronger even though I workout all the time.  Maybe it's because I'm cheating myself (using lighter weights then I should, doing girl push-ups instead of regular ones, etc.).  So now I'm determined to get better.  Not at bosu ball push-ups (mainly because I don't have a bosu ball at home) but at regular push-ups.

So, I'm going to start the Hundred Push Up Training Program this evening:
Basically this is a 6 week program that *supposedly* by the end of 6 weeks of doing their push up workouts 3 times a week (each week is outlined for you on the site) you'll be able to do 100 real push-ups consecutively.  Tonight I'll do the "Initial Test" to see where I'm at, and we'll go from there.  I'll be sure to let you all know how the initial test goes, although I'm sure it won't be pretty as I've gotten pretty damn used to doing "girly push-ups."

Anyone want to start the program with me?  I'm not gonna lie, I could definitely use the support...

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  1. This is awesome I didn't know about this until the moment I saw this blog entry of yours here. Also I would like to know one thing. Do you happen to know how to defend your own blog posts from being stolen?