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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Ready for the Wedding Starts MONTHS in Advance!

And requires an appointment with a doctor...
Personal Photo of the actual exam room

Well, with a dermatologist, that is. I have a few issues we're working on. First, I occasionally get these massive under the skin swollen masses of horrible that take weeks to go away. They can be covered up easy enough since they aren't puss-filled, but they HURT!

They're technically called "cystic pimples" - Source
Then, I get baby version of those which are basically white heads. They don't hurt, but they come in clusters (mainly on my chin and along side my nose) and they suck...so I pop them (which is bad).

These are technically called Milia - Source
But, in my own defense, I am so good at popping my face that the Doc couldn't even tell that I do! And finally, I have a serious issue with underarm sweating. I've tried 'clinical strength' everything and it doesn't help...at all. And since no one wants a bride with pit-stains, I figured I should address that as well.

Well, my first appointment was three months ago. He gave me a pill for my skin, as well as a face wash and gel to use every night. This mixture of prescriptions really cut down on the big, painful guys but didn't do anything for the little, obnoxious clusters. And he gave me a prescription antiperspirant that made my underarms feel like they were on fire, so needless to say I couldn't handle that!

Yeah...it felt like that - Source

I went back this morning, and we went over what issues I'm still having and he decided to change it up a bit. I am going to continue the pill for at least another month, still use the nightly face wash, but he prescribed a new cream to use all over my face every night and I can now use the old gel to spot treat in the mornings if I feel a big, painful sucker coming.

The sweating is a whole different issue. Apparently the next step is...wait for it...BOTOX!

Okay, not that kind of Botox Injection - Source
In case you didn't know (because I didn't) if you get Botox injected in your armpits they won't sweat! But this is a total last resort, and he's probably going to have to duke it out with my insurance company for a few weeks and then get back to me. But if my insurance gives us the go ahead, it will just be a few injections in my armpits every 6 to 9 months and no more sweating! This will open up so many more options in my wardrobe, it's insane!
Did you go to the extreme of seeing a doctor to prep for your big day? Or am I just nuts...?  Especially for being excited at the prospect of getting Botox in my armpits, haha.


  1. I've heard of using Botox for that before. Good luck and hopefully the insurance company gives the go ahead!!

  2. Girl, I used to be a hardcore sweater too! The only thing that worked for me (I was one step away from Botox) was CertainDri. It's a roll-on treatment found at the drugstore near the deoderants.. You put it on at night and after a couple weeks it worked great! I swear like a normal person now :) Good luck!

  3. Mallory - CertainDri didn't work. I tried that before even going to the dermatoligist. The prescription they gave me before was like CertainDri on steroids...so I'm sure it would have worked with continued use, but I wouldn't have been able to keep my arms down because it was so painful!